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About 30 kinds of soybean based products such as polyurethane entered the market this year

it is reported that the United soybean board, a soybean based products industry association, said that about 32 kinds of soybean based products were introduced to the market in 2010

Internationally, the association said that many soybean based products are replacing petrochemical products. As a rich renewable resource, soybeans can meet the needs of renewable raw materials, which are mainly welded by angle steel

new soybean based products launched in 2010 include soyol soya polyols, cast soybeans and recycled products enviroz C 15580 resin launched by Ashland, enviroz (soybean polyols are used for polyurethane elastomers) of MCP industries, Ecopath of E company with different product shapes (using agrol, a bio based technology company, to meet the requirements of gb/t 8358 ⑵ 014 "method for determination of actual breaking force of steel wire ropes") Soythane (soybean based adhesive) of bondaflex technologies, etc

it is understood that the research fields of the American soybean association include: soybean based adhesives, coatings, inks, plastics and emerging industry products

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