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This year, China's flat panel solar thermal utilization industry will accelerate its development

at present, although all parts of the country are in the severe winter of March 9th, Hu Guangliang, director of the flat panel solar thermal utilization Professional Committee of China solar thermal utilization industry association, feels the warmth of spring in his heart

the warmth of the self-developed, designed and implemented by Jiangsu Jinheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nanjing Iron and Steel Group, stems from his optimism about the good development momentum of China's solar energy industry: 2011 is expected to be the new year of the development of China's solar thermal industry into the "100 billion yuan industry club", and the thermal utilization of flat-panel solar energy will usher in a colorful spring

according to statistics, the scale of China's solar energy industry has accounted for 90% of the world, and the heat utilization industry accounts for 78%. China is the world's largest producer and user of solar collectors. In 2009, the thermal utilization area of solar water heaters in China has reached 145million square meters, ranking first in the world

the rapid development of the industry has made the society pay more attention to the quality of China's solar water heater products, especially optical instruments, if they are fogged due to improper protection and use. A recent survey report also seems to tell us that the market competition of China's solar water heater products, the foundation and core is the competition of quality. The survey on the use of solar water heaters jointly carried out by 25 consumer rights protection units in Beijing, Tianjin and Hong Kong shows that at present, 40.87% of solar water heaters cannot be used in winter

the survey found that the main reason for the shutdown or poor use of solar water heaters in winter is the poor quality and small specification of vacuum tubes produced by some small manufacturers, resulting in low heat collection efficiency of hot water production systems. Industry insiders pointed out that compared with vacuum tube solar water heaters, flat panel solar water heaters are widely popular in developed countries in Europe and the United States because of their advantages of easy integration with building facades, easy installation, operation and maintenance, and long service life. In China, with the acceleration of urban development in recent years, multi-storey and high-rise buildings have sprung up like mushrooms. The flat-panel solar water heater, which is easy to install on the balcony and the south wall of the building facade, has become a sunrise industry in urban construction with its unique advantages of data collection, analysis and calculation through microcomputer processing chips, such as safer, more reliable, better combination with buildings, longer service life, etc

Luo Zhentao, director of the solar thermal utilization Professional Committee of China Rural Energy Industry Association, pointed out that engineering and the combination of solar energy and architecture have become the mainstream trend of the development of the solar energy market. According to the data of authoritative departments, in the past two years, flat-panel solar water heaters are increasing at an annual growth rate of 46%

"China's solar thermal industry, originated in colleges, originated in private capital, and matured in national policy support. Before 2009, due to the lack of a unified industry sales statistics system, all brands were still professionally provided by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.: the pull machine is in a chaotic exploratory growth period. The actual gap between brands and the value of a single brand cannot be weighed. For consumers, the difference between brands is There is no way to reflect the value difference, so it is difficult to choose. " Hu Guangliang said that because of the difference in brand value, the brand awareness of Chinese solar energy enterprises has risen rapidly in recent years. Taking the development path of high-end image and large-scale engineering and construction integration has become a new choice for solar energy enterprises

a staff member of Vanke also said that flat panel solar products that can be directly installed on the outer wall or balcony of the building do have their advantages in house design and construction, "even solar panels can be directly installed on the sunny wall to make it a part of the wall."

as the "leader" of Guangdong five star solar energy Co., Ltd., the largest flat-panel solar energy enterprise in China, Hu Guangliang said that like Huangming solar energy to build a Solar Valley, five star solar energy will also take the lead in carrying the market banner of large-scale engineering and building integration. It is understood that five star solar has undertaken more than 40000 solar water heating projects in Guangzhou Asian Games venues, Nokia, Lenovo, etc

the future construction market will be the world of energy-saving and low-carbon buildings. According to statistics, China's existing construction area is 40billion square meters, and 2billion square meters will be newly built every year. By 2020, it will reach 70billion square meters. According to the statistics of the energy conservation service industry committee of China Energy Conservation Association, the output value of China's building energy conservation industry approached 30 billion yuan in 2010 and reached 66.4 billion yuan in 2012. The building energy conservation service industry market is very huge

the technological level and production capacity of flat-panel solar energy is a symbol of the overall development level of a country's solar thermal utilization industry, but the share of China's flat-panel solar energy is less than 10%. Under the trend of solar energy and building integration, many vacuum tube solar energy enterprises have also launched flat-panel solar energy. Coupled with the economic crisis, a large number of foreign trade enterprises and established household appliance enterprises have moved to the solar water heater industry, As well as the state's encouraging policies, the dispute over the quality of the solar energy market industry will become more intense

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