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The box office of cinemas nationwide on the first day of resumption of work has reached 1.4 million! Three of the top five cinemas with 50000 ticket buyers are located in Hunan. Release date: Source: daily economy

since the cinemas were closed on January 24, cinemas across the country have pressed the pause button. According to the notice issued by the state film administration on July 16, cinemas in low-risk areas can resume their operations in an orderly manner on July 20, provided that various prevention and control measures are effectively implemented

according to the data of cat's eye professional edition, as of 6:26 on July 20, there were 1.404 million pre-sale ticket rooms and 50000 movie viewers on the first day of the resumption of cinemas nationwide. If the service fee of Zhang 3, which has great development potential in terms of efficient drilling and processing of composite materials, is included, the national pre-sale box office on July 20 has exceeded 1.5 million

Three of the top five cinemas are located in Hunan. According to the "guidelines for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the resumption of the opening of film screening venues" issued by the China film distribution and projection Association, the experimental force that the cinema sample can withstand is as small as a few 10 cm cattle (such as spandex silk for textile). After resumption of work, the lobby, cinema, corridor and other public areas will be spray disinfected no less than twice a day

items in direct contact with the audience, such as theater seat armrests and 3D glasses, will be disinfected once per scene

in order to ensure the effect of disinfection and sterilization, some cinemas have deliberately extended the interval between each film

after the cinemas in low-risk areas resume business, the audience should abide by the basic regulations such as wearing masks and temperature measurement. In addition, all tickets are booked in real names and sold across seats. The attendance rate of each show shall not exceed 30%, and eating and drinking are prohibited in the cinema

according to the cat's eye data, there were four film screenings at 0:00 on July 20, 2020 in Nanning and Hangzhou

according to the platform data, the five cinemas with the highest box office on July 20 were Hunan Lianyuan wangao laser giant screen cinema, Changsha mango international cinema, Chengdu eying 1958 cinema, Shaanxi Yan'an Guangying XingKong International Cinema (Dongda Shangpin store) and Changsha mango International Cinema (oaks colorful square store). Three of them are located in Hunan Province

according to the films played, for example, the first three most popular films in Lianyuan wangao laser giant screen studios are "war wolf 2", "reincarnation of Nezha's demon boy" and "Charlotte's troubles"

the film broadcast by Chengdu E-FILM 1958 Studios is the new film "the first farewell"

Chengdu sold the top three movie tickets nationwide

on July 17, Chengdu issued a document to promote the resumption of cinemas. Chengdu Heping cinema, ahead of national cinemas, launched online pre-sale at a price of 3.1 at 17:00 on the 17th, including super time and space cohabitation and journey to dream, with the earliest show starting at 13:00 and the latest from 21:00

according to Bo he, the manager of Heping cinema, the first ticket in the country was sold at 17:40 that day, which was "the demon child of Nezha" at 19:00; At 17:49, the second ticket in the country was sold for Charlotte's troubles at 16:00, and at 17:52, the third ticket in the country was sold for the magic child of Nezha at 19:00

it is reported that Chengdu Film Group has prepared a "mysterious gift" for the audience who grabbed the first movie ticket. It is a pity that the audience who grabbed the first movie ticket actually refunded the ticket. According to the analysis of the manager of Heping cinema, it may be that the fan's pressure is too great, and the enthusiastic reports of the media scared the audience away

with the resumption of work of Chengdu Heping cinema, there are also Emei 1958 cinema, Bona cinema Joy City store and Longhu Binjiang Tianjie store. On the first day of the resumption of work of Emei 1958 studios, all the scenes were released into the new film "first farewell", which was CO produced by Emei film group. This is also the first new film released in China after the epidemic

audience: it has a special sense of ceremony

according to the city express, the film shown at Hangzhou Oscar film world zero is "the first farewell". At 8:30 last night, they launched the pre-sale of "the first farewell" on the system. About 10 minutes later, the first ticket was sold. At 23:14, the system showed that the zero field was full. There were 109 seats in the hall, 32 tickets were sold, and the attendance rate was strictly controlled within 30%

"I haven't seen it for a long time. As soon as the news that the cinema can resume work came out, I've been swiping tickets for the zero show. I feel very ceremonial." A spectator who grabbed the zero point scene said

this movie is the absolute "first time": at midnight, the staff of the cinema began to play immediately after receiving the key without a minute's delay

so far, Zhejiang Times Cinema Line and Zhejiang Xingguang cinema line have confirmed that 137 cinemas in the province will resume work on July 20. Among them, the number of cinemas in Zhejiang Province affiliated to the time cinema line was confirmed to be 112 on July 20, and the number of cinemas in Zhejiang Province will reach 158 in the following week, accounting for 70.8% of the cinemas in the province. The cinemas in Zhejiang Province affiliated to Zhejiang Xingguang cinema line have confirmed that 25 cinemas resumed production on July 20. In the following week, 52 cinemas resumed production in Zhejiang Province, accounting for 65.8% of the cinemas in the whole province

it should be noted that in order to ensure a safe and hygienic cinema environment for the audience, the cinema currently does not open manual ticket windows, and you must purchase tickets in advance! After purchasing tickets, you also need to wear a mask, bright green code, cooperate with body temperature detection, cooperate with identity registration, and meet the epidemic prevention conditions before entering the cinema. In addition, in principle, eating and drinking are forbidden in the cinema. Do not bring food into the cinema

what movies will you watch after the cinema resumes work?

it is understood that the current release list is quite rich, in addition to the first farewell (7.20), Mr. Miao (7.31), I'll wait for you at the end of time (8.25), buckwheat crazy long (8.25), and other films that released the first time, and two new Hollywood films are scheduled to be released on July 24

one is the fantasy adventure of dollett starring Robert Downey Jr., the "Iron Man", and the other is the blood thrower starring van diesel in the "speed and passion" series

cat's eye data shows that the number of people who want to see "Dorrit's fantasy adventure" has reached 33000

"dolitte's fantasy adventure" is more suitable for children to watch. There are many cute little animals in it, and "blood throwers" is customized for straight men. The film is adapted from warrior comics. It tells that ray garrison, a soldier played by Van diesel, was accidentally killed in battle, and was brought back to life by RST company using cutting-edge nanotechnology, transforming into a real-time self-healing combat tool comparable to supercomputers - blood throwers. To put it simply, this is a story about a baldheaded muscular man who takes revenge again and again, shows his muscles and high technology

at present, the classic films that have been confirmed to be re screened include demon catching, mermaid, the zodiac, Beijing love story, why is home, wolf totem, Chinese partner, warwolf 2, the wind, the demon boy of Nezha, Charlotte's troubles, the rise of the White Snake, the mission of a dog 1 and 2, Super Space cohabitation, havoc in heaven, big fish Begonia, and the adventure of Avanti. Disney also announced yesterday that "dream quest", "crazy animal city" and "super Marine Corps" will be re screened on July 20, July 24 and July 31 respectively

among them, when happiness knocks on the door, with a Douban score of 9.1, also appeared in the updated remake list. Starring Will Smith, the film tells the inspirational story of a down-to-earth salesman who is on the verge of bankruptcy and his wife leaves home, how to make the best of his single parents, work hard to become a stock market trader, and finally become a well-known financial investor. Mischief, which was released last year, will return to theaters on July 20

the ticket prices of these films are generally cheaper, and fans who have not seen them can take the opportunity to "make up lessons"

in addition, there are films that are expected to be released in the second half of the year, such as creed, Mulan, 1917, Qiao Qiao's fantasy world, Sonic the hedgehog, little woman, Jedi policeman 3, pioneer, Jiang Ziya, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a rainy day in New York, Nezha's rebirth, and warm hug

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